Senior 60 +

$175.00 / month

Our Senior size box is perfect for a senior couple or a single person.


Are you 60 and over ? Sign up on our seniors box and start receiving EXCITING, fresh, local, organic produce delivered every week right to your door . Billing occurs on the date of your sign up.

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Are you 60 and over?  Our Senior box is perfect for people who eat small amounts of vegetables.  Our goal when we created this bin was to allow older adults to enjoy fresh vegetables coming right out of the garden but making sure that they never receive more than they can use in one weeks time. You may change your box. Our winter bins are twice the size of our summer weekly boxes.

Healthy, Organic and convenient Farm to door deliveries. Summer is here and we are now delivering weekly until the end of November (bi weekly for Smooth Rock, Moonbeam, Kap, Hearst ) see calendar below . In the winter months you will receive a beautiful variety of locally sourced produce, all produce is sourced local first. During the coldest times of the Harvest you will receive bi-weekly bins, please note that the bi weekly bins are TWICE the size of the summer weekly bins. We promise you will not only receive potatoes and cabbage in the cold season. We have worked hard here at the pantry to establish solid relationships with other farmers and we have access to an amazing variety of organic foods to fill your bins. We also include healthy, organic fairtrade organic fruit in your bin to keep things exciting.  You will find 6-10 varieties of produce and 2 varieties of fruits. We shop local first and when we can’t find it we source from other Ontario farmers who have greenhouses in the cold months.


When can I expect my delivery?

SUMMER MONTHS Weekly Tuesday – New Liskeard, Kirkland Lake, Matheson, and all areas in between

SUMMER MONTHS Weekly Tuesday – Timmins, Iroquois Falls, Nellie Lake, Cochrane and all areas in between

SUMMER MONTHS bi-weekly Fridays – Smooth Rock, Moonbeam, Fauquier, Kapuskasing, and all areas in between


COLD MONTHS bi-weekly Tuesday – New Liskeard, Kirkland Lake, Matheson, and all areas in between

COLD MONTHS bi-weekly Wednesdays – Timmins, Iroquois Falls, Cochrane and all areas in between

COLD MONTHS bi-weekly Fridays – Cochrane, Smooth Rock, Moonbeam, Kapuskasing and all areas in between

Inside dimensions

What comes with each delivery?

Your Harvest box delivery comes with all locally source produce, fresh from the farms that we work with. Each bin will have a beautiful variety of farm fresh foods for you and your family to enjoy. Each delivery comes with a recipe and step-by-step instructions on how to use your produce.

How long will my Harvest stay fresh?

Our Harvest is sourced fresh and for that reason your harvest box will last well over a week. If you use the tips for storage that we include in our newsletters and write ups you can make your box last well over two weeks.

Will you accommodate for my allergies?

We take great care to ensure that all of our food is packed safely; if you have an allergy please let us know and we will carefully pack your bins.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

There is no minimum subscription length.  It’s important to us that our members want to be on our program. We do encourage all of our members to stick with it for the year to really see what a Harvest is all about and to secure a stable paycheck that our farmer can rely on.

Can i skip a week?

If you’re going on vacation or something came up you can skip a week free of charge anytime you’d like.

Have more questions email us at info@trusslerspantry.



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