I have received three bins now. My veggies have never lasted so long or tasted so good. These alive and vibrant foods with real energy is truly natures natural medicines. How food is suppose to taste ! The pantry provides you with lots of information on how to store, awesome recipes and so much more. My children are always excited to see what we are getting and to make healthy snacks. We certainly are what we eat. All starts with what we are feeding ourselves. Thank you for going back to what is most important and providing our area with such an important thing!! Self love starts with our food and water.


I love having a pre-paid delivery of a fresh variety of foods, every week….complete with a dozen FREE eggs! i just pay via e-transfer  and wait for my order. I love how we can pick and choose our favourites…or least favourites..🙃  and these will be kept in mind as our weekly order is being put together, specially made for our family. Any communication is promptly answered which makes one feel appreciated as a client.

If it’s not in the works yet, I think it’s great that compensation is given for those who refer others to this amazing program, as it’s because of word of mouth that a lot of businesses succeed.

Thanks so much .

Melody Doey

Trussler’s Harvest means feeding my family the best possible nutrition I can get them in the North. I also feel good knowing that, being a part of the Harvest, I’m helping to build a responsibly minded organic farming economy that is focused on being local.

Jesse Cybolsky