Your Team does an excellent job! I’am so impressed with what we get in our bin and how fresh it tastes and how fresh it tastes and how long it stays fresh! That’s a true sign that you have cut down many middle men in the shipping process, unlike the grocery store.

Angie Edwards

Why do I love Trussler’s Harvest? Taste, quality, colours, variety, consistency. This company goes above and beyond anything I ever expected for the Northern region and never seizes to amaze me. I have gotten to try many vegetables and fruits I never would have, experienced the real delicious taste of organic produce, tried new recipes all awhile having fresh produce delivered to my door ensuring myself and my children have healthy options weekly while also forcing us to eat lots of vegetables & fruits. I can’t honestly tell you one negative thing or aspect about this amazing company- the only negative thing is that you haven’t joined and are missing out!!!

So get on it and start enjoying!

Trussler’s Pantry is more than a convenience that I have come to depend upon.
As a single parent and business woman, who deeply values seasonal food that has been grown to organic and permaculture standards, I found it very difficult to attend the local farmer markets due to my work schedule.  These markets are wonderful places but are only open for a few hours each week – not great when most of my shopping was being done late at night.
Trussler’s Pantry was the solution for me – I now get local produce in both winter and summer and it is delivered to my door.  My fridge, freezer and pantry are now always stocked with beautiful fruits and vegetables (and sometimes Kara throws in a wonderful surprise).  I know that I am supporting both a small business and local farmers in this region when I purchase my Harvest Boxes rather than giving my money to multinational corporations.
The added bonus was making friends with Kara and Mandie. It’s always great to meet others in Northeastern Ontario who are as equally passionate about local food.


Such an amazing program run by amazing people! Thank you for all the work you put into this!

Lisa Boivin