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Organic, Nutritious, Fresh

When it comes to growing healthy, nutritious food, nothing is more important than the knowledge and dedication of the farmer. This is why Trussler’s Harvest value our farmers so much, we know that they are doing what’s best for not only our food, but also the land that is used to grow our food. With our expanding network of certified farmers the Harvest is able to work with more and more farms who are passionate about organic quality foods.

We currently work with a Matheson farmer whose farm is Certified Organic. Together we continue to encourage other local farmers to farm organically.  Our foods are grown the way nature intended – with no unhealthy additives (fertilizers, pest controls etc). This is what we call “certified organic”. Using sun, microbes and good soil to build healthy plants that wont require anything else.


Local season

Local season for most Ontario farms runs from May / June to October / November. In these months the Harvest aims for our baskets to be almost 100% full of local goodness. For the remainder of the year, we buy what we can locally and source other items from further afield to offer our members organic choice. We work with Kathy Genier from JK Gardens as well who is also certified organic. We are pleased to be able to work with with more and more local certified organic farmers.



Trussler’s Harvest is happy to announce that we are working with Borealis Fresh Farms Inc., Borealis  provides locally grown produce year round using developed and efficient agri-tech vertical hydroponic modular farming systems. Together we share the same goal and are happy to work together.. we want to increase the region’s capacity to produce clean local agricultural food and create new jobs in the North.



I don’t even know where to begin but I can say it takes a special person to take on a career in farming.  A person taking on an organically certified farm is not only special but courageous.  A farmer’s livelihood is dependent on his/her abilities and on nature.

Once the growing season begins farmers and their family’s and aids work long hours to ensure the crops planted grow throughout the season and are ready and harvested in a timely manner.  We sometimes take for granted what is required to produce the fruits, vegetables and meats we expect to eat every day.

While we are preparing for vacation time in the summer farmers are gearing up for long, back breaking hours to make sure the crops are irrigated and weeded until harvesting commences.

We currently work with one Matheson farmer whose farm is certified organic. We work with him on a continual basis from the time seeds and plants are ordered right up to when the last vegetable is sold. Organic fertilizers such as rotted fruits and vegetables, peelings, etc. are used.  The work for this farmer is greater than the farmer using synthetics.  As a result the price of the produce is higher.  The organic farmer cannot compete with the prices of the box stores.  But then the box stores cannot compete with the freshness and the taste of organically grown produce.


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