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Trussler’s Harvest Organic Harvest offers a sensational array of CERTIFIED ORGANIC vegetables, fruits, grocery items and snack for you to choose from all conveniently delivered to your door. OUr selections are handpicked from local certified organic farms as well as some fair trade imports from around the world.

Trussler’s Harvest is the best way to make sure you’re getting quality, organic, non-GMO food, conveniently delivered right to your door. Enjoy fantastic organic vegetables ALL YEAR LONG. We have done all the hard work and you get to sit back and enjoy your deliveries that are packed with Fresh Greens and an assortment of organic produce and organic fruits.   SIGN UP and start receiving nutritious, organic, healthy, fresh foods conveniently delivered to your door! Questions/More info click here .

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Bi-Weekly Deliveries All Year Round






Jump on the Harvest, suspend a bin when away, have premium organic local foods delivered right to your door. We service COBALT, COCHRANE, ENGLEHEART, HEARST, IROQUOIS FALLS, KAPUSKASING, KIRKLAND LAKE, MATHESON, NEW LISKEARD, NORTH BAY, SMOOTH ROCK FALLS, STURGEON FALLS, TIMMINS, TEMAGAMI.  and all the areas in between.

More than you can imagine

Every delivery is filled with so much organic goodness!

So many different organic vegetables.

Don’t waste your money! If you don’t like something, just check it off the list. We will add more of the other vegetables that are being sent out that week in order to compensate.

Add Farm Fresh eggs!

We have farm fresh, organic eggs! Add Farm Fresh eggs to your bin at no extra cost. Chickens are fed on pasture with bugs and organic feed.

What's inside?

Example deliveries


Your Team does an excellent job! I’am so impressed with what we get in our bin and how fresh it tastes and how fresh it tastes and how long it stays fresh! That’s a true sign that you have cut down many middle men in the shipping process, unlike the grocery
Why do I love Trussler’s Harvest? Taste, quality, colours, variety, consistency. This company goes above and beyond anything I ever expected for the Northern region and never seizes to amaze me. I have gotten to try many vegetables and fruits I never would have, experienced the real delicious taste of organic
Trussler’s Pantry is more than a convenience that I have come to depend upon. As a single parent and business woman, who deeply values seasonal food that has been grown to organic and permaculture standards, I found it very difficult to attend the local farmer markets due to my work schedule.

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