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Trussler’s Harvest is the best way to make sure you’re getting high quality organic, non-gmo food, delivered right to your door. This year we’re excited to share that we’ve grown. The new Harvest plans run all year long! That’s right, starting this January, we delivery a bi-weekly box of fresh organic produce. Given how far north we are, this is sourced as local as possible.

In the spring and summer our plans explode with a bountiful harvest from our growers right here in Matheson. At this point our program kicks into overdrive and deliveries arrive weekly. Trussler’s Harvest offers you the advantage of knowing that you are feeding yourself and your loved ones the best in local, certified organic, non GMO food. To guarantee quantity and quality of the deliveries, there are a limited amount of subscriptions. This winter don’t get left out in the cold, sign up and reserve your spot today!

When signing up on the Harvest you can expect an amazing variety of locally sourced produce. Most of what you will receive is from right here in Matheson. Trussler’s Pantry has sourced what we can’t grow here from other ontario greenhouse farmers that also farm organically so that you will continue to get an amazing variety all season long. Our source is ALWAYS LOCAL FIRST and ALWAYS CERTIFIED ORGANIC!


Jump on the Harvest, suspend a bin when away, have premium local foods delivered right to your door. We service TIMMINS, IROQUOIS FALLS, MATHESON, COCHRANE, NEW LISKEARD, HAILEBURY, LARDER LAKE, KIRKLAND LAKE….. Bi-WEEKLY deliveries to SMOOTH ROCK FALLS,  KAPUSKASING and all the areas in between has started.

More than you can imagine

Every delivery is filled with so much organic goodness!

So many different organic vegetables.

Don’t waste your money! If you don’t like something, just check it off the list. We will add more of the other vegetables that are being sent out that week in order to compensate.

Add certified organic eggs!

We have farm fresh, certified organic eggs! This is something to be proud of, as we are first in our little area.

What's inside?

Example deliveries


Trussler’s Pantry is more than a convenience that I have come to depend upon. As a single parent and business woman, who deeply values seasonal food that has been grown to organic and permaculture standards, I found it very difficult to attend the local farmer markets due to my work schedule.
Such an amazing program run by amazing people! Thank you for all the work you put into this!
I have received three bins now. My veggies have never lasted so long or tasted so good. These alive and vibrant foods with real energy is truly natures natural medicines. How food is suppose to taste ! The pantry provides you with lots of information on how to store, awesome recipes

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Organic Eggs

Our Chickens are fed exclusively organic feed and bugs. Pasture raised in the Summer months our chickens